Week 36- LAST WEEK!

Hello 2nd Grade Families, Oh my goodness!! I can't believe we are on our last week of the school year. It has flown by and I will miss this class dearly. Thank you for being awesome parents to children I love working with. A few reminders: this  Wednesday, June 5, we have our Water Day  on campus. Please be sure that  your child wears water shoes with backs, brings a towel, and applies sunscreen before school.  This will be a fun event!  This Thursday, June 6, is our last day of school for students. School is out at noon this Thursday. Trimester 3 report cards are being mailed home after this Friday, June 7.  My trimester 3 comment is on the back with the performance standards. Today the Monday Night Folders were sent home with one paper in them: The Summer Reading Program. This is an excellent way to keep your child reading this summer, which is so very important to their success in 3rd grade. They will also earn a t-shirt and free BBQ lunch by turning the filled out r

Week 35

Hello 2nd Grade Families, I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend! I cannot believe we are down to SEVEN days of the school year left. Where has time gone?! Several reminders with more details: 1. Book Fair! B ook flyers will be sent home today in the Monday/Tuesday folders. This is a great way to start thinking about our Summer Reading Program as well. Our end of the year Book Fair will be open all this week 30 minutes before and after school AND the book fair will also be open during the assemblies for parents that would like to shop then. The fair will be packed up Friday, May 31st around 1 or sooner if no one is there. You can also shop from our online fair at bf/streamcharterschool1  just click on the orange "Shop Now" button, they will find a much larger and more expanded selection of books online. Thanks! 2. Our Movie field trip! Just a reminder that we have our walking field trip to the movie theater to see  A Dog'

Week 34

Hello 2nd Grade Families, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! A few reminders:   Family Maker Fair is this Thursday, May 23rd, from 6:30-7:30pm.  Second graders will have their insect projects on display in our classroom. I hope to see you there!  Book Fair will be going on in the business office during Family Maker Fair as well.   There is no school on Monday, May 27, since it is Memorial Day.  Also, our on campus Water Day is coming up on June 5, so please remember  your child will need water shoes with backs to participate.  Thank you! Today, the Monday Night Folders were sent home with 2 papers in them: this week's reading log and pizza lunch. The response on this week's reading log is: "Another Title: Another title for this book could be __________, because ________." This reading log is due back on Tuesday, May 28th, since we don't have school Monday. This week in Language Arts we are reviewing. In math, we are matching numbers with fractional p

Week 33

Hi 2nd Grade Families, I hope you are all doing well! I hope all you mothers out there had a fantastic Mother's Day as well. You are amazing! I can't believe it will be mid May this week! Time is flying by and I am going to miss this class so, SO much.  A few reminders:  I still have space for a couple parent chaperones if you would like to walk with us to the movie field trip on Thursday, May 30th.  We are leaving STREAM at about 8:30am and returning around 11:20am. This week we will be starting some insect projects. These project will include an information page on the insect of your child's choice, writing about that insect, and a project/display of that insect.  This will be the project that is on display for Family Maker Fair which is on Thursday, May 23rd, from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  We will be working on this in class the next couple weeks.  Another reminder, book orders are due turned into me or online by tomorrow, May 14th.  Thanks! The Monday Night Folders we

Week 32

Hello 2nd Grade Families! I hope all is well with you! A few reminders:  Please let me know if you would like to chaperone and walk with us to our movie field trip on May 30th.  Also, just a heads up so you can plan accordingly,  your child will need water shoes WITH backs in order to participate on Water Day, which is on campus on Wednesday, June 5th.  Please also let me know if you want to help out on Water Day from 12-1. Thanks! The Monday Night Folders we sent home with 6 papers in them: this week's reading log, a snack box flyer for the movies in case you misplaced yours, the permission slip for the movies, a book order, a Box Tops paper, and pizza lunch. The response on this week's reading log is: " Write two sentences describing the setting of your book, where does the story take place?" This reading log is due back on Monday, May 13. Book orders can be ordered online or turned into me with cash or a check made payable to Scholastic Book Club. Book

Week 31

Hello 2nd Grade Families, Happy end of April/beginning of May! I can't believe there are only SIX weeks left of school! It has flown by. I will really miss this sweet class. Some important information:  If your child met the goals for the Ninja Warrior Challenge, please let the office know if you would be willing to drive for that field trip on Wednesday, May 8th , meeting at STREAM at 2:00pm to drive to the municipal where they will run the course from about 2:15-3:15pm. Also,  at the end of the year we have our Water Day on campus on Wednesday, June 5th . Please make sure your child has  water shoes with backs on them for this day . Flip flops will not be allowed. They will not be allowed to participate if they wear flip flops. I am just letting you know in advance so you can prepare.  If you want to help volunteer on Water Day from 12-1, let me know!  Finally, we are almost out of classroom snacks.  If you are able to donate some Goldfish or Veggie Sticks or something, t

Week 30

Hi 2nd Grade Families, Welcome back!! I hope you had a fantastic Easter and that your child(ren) enjoyed their spring break! The reading log that was due today was the last one for the Ninja Warrior challenge, along with the behavior and completing 95% of class assignments goals, so we will be letting you know about that field trip soon if your child met all three challenges. Today the Monday Night Folders were sent home with 2-3 papers: this week's reading log, pizza lunch, and an ASP Invoice for some students. The response on this week's reading log is: " Main Idea: Write one sentence each describing the beginning, middle, and end of the chapter(s) you read. " This week in Language Arts we are continuing to study informal and formal language and quotation marks. In math, we are calculating one-half of a group up to 20; recognizing odd and even numbers up to 20; finding true number sentences with <, >, +, or not equal to; and solving division wo